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Do you want to make a real difference helping our community cover server costs? Become a member of the Right to Rebel Donator Brigade today!

Single Donation

Are you interested in making a one-time donation? Our community depends on your help! Please enter your donation amount, click the "Donate" button, and authenticate with PayPal.

Right to Rebel members making a one-time donation will automatically receive the perks associated with the appropriate package had it been paid on a recurring basis. Nonmembers that make any donation will receive recognition on our donation page. Thank you for your contribution!

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Join the Donator Brigade

As a thank you to our members for their continued support of our community, we have established the Right to Rebel Donator Brigade to recognize their efforts. To receive the perks of the Brigade Packages below, members may establish a subscription that donates monthly for 1, 6, or 12 months. 12-month subscribers receive all 12 months of Donator Brigade membership for the contribution amount of only 10 months.

To subscribe, click "Sign up" beneath your desired package. You will be able to select the donation amount and duration, then authenticate with PayPal.

Thank you for your contribution!

Donator Brigade is coming soon and we'll make an announcement during an upcoming community meeting when it arrives.

Quality game servers are expensive!

If you enjoy playing in our servers, think about supporting them by donating a few bucks. Quality servers come at a cost.

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