Recruitment Application

Anyone that is looking to join our community is required to fill out this recruitment application and all applications must pass a strict gaming security background check.

Recruitment Application to be apart of Right to Rebel

NOTICE! Sponsorship does not release you from any security checks that =rTr= will run on your application. All answers to be answered truthfully to your fullest capability.

Recruit Personnel Identification

Note: You can lookup your Steam ID at
Note: Please make sure your steam is not set to private, as this will halt your application process.

Recruitment Questionnaire

Note: Exactly as they appear for each gaming interest.
Note: Please list the names of people you have gamed or talked with.
Note: Monetary donations are not mandatory to join this community, however we do ask that every member contribute a minimum of $5.00 per month to help with expenses.
Note: As a member of our community, you are expected to contribute in some way. Besides monetary donations, examples are server seeding & admining, website & procon programming, administration tasks, etc. Or perhaps you have a skill set you think would be beneficial. Tell us about it here.

Forum Account

Note: If you are unsure, you can go to our forums and check.
Have any metal parts in you ?

Quality game servers are expensive!

If you enjoy playing in our servers, think about supporting them by donating a few bucks. Quality servers come at a cost.

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